Wednesday 6 January 2016

Why I am doing this.

What am I doing here?

This is intended to be my flight log for the game FlightGear. If you are reading this and you do not play flight simulators then all this is probably going to be a bit of a mystery to you.

I am NOT a professional pilot (as you will no doubt see in the upcoming posts) but I do like to try. I will be trying to simulate certain flights and learning as I go. I have a little experience in flying (I have flown a small prop aircraft in real life and been passenger on commercial flights on occasion. That is the extent of my flying in real life, in the simulated world I have only (roughly) 60 hours of flight time, this makes me a rank amateur.

In addition to this I will have another section which will be about my sessions on the ATC (Air Traffic Control) which I am very inexperienced at, but I have had 3 successful 4 hour sessions so far. I will have a section for flights and a sections for ATC.

I will be posting flight plans and ATC events on this page so if you would like to come and join me in a flight or want to interact with me on ATC then this is the place to look. I will mainly be running a tower at EGKK (London Gatwick) and EGSS (London standsted (My prefered choice))airports.

I will also be doing occasional session at EGBL (Long Marston) for smaller aircraft as I have a fondness for this location. EGBL is a small location and the runway is fairly short but enough for small aircraft and just large enough for a Boeing 7X7 to take off (landing is more difficult).

So I have finished blurbing for this post, and now you know why this blog exists.

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