Sunday 10 January 2016


Morlan at Stansted Airport

Control Tower

On days that I am ATC on Stansted tower you will see me on the mumble server ( in a channel called "EGSS_TW" my user-name will be the same.

On days where I have arranged a full "ATC Day" it will be announced on the flight plan website linked here. There are a few things I would ask anyone using my ATC services to keep in mind;
  • I am not an air-traffic controller professionally, I may get things wrong and I don't mind being corrected, I'm reading and learning all the time.
  • I will assume you know the airport OR have the document for it unless you tell me otherwise.
  • Please don't load up on my runway, choose a parking spot or move your aircraft before hitting the multi-player menu, you'll thank me for it.
  • I much prefer voice/radio over text, I have GFCom and mumble available.

Ground Crew

I have only had ground crew a couple of times, and it took me a little time to get used to it, I really appreciated having this available and if anyone wants to do this again I would gladly welcome to the help.


Here is a link to the Stansted Airport runway and taxi information. This is the same document that I use to route ground traffic.
Stansted Airport Ground data. (This is a PDF document, I would recommend right clicking and selecting "save-as")


 I have been using some routes for EGSS, I will publish the documets once I have cleaned through the routes that are not needed (routing to leeds etc). At the moment I can route via LOREL and ABBOT, it does not matter if you do not know the routes, when contacting EGSS just specify which VOB/nagaid you are aiming towards.

To make things easier. If you are routing from europe aim for either LAM@FL100 or ABBOT@FL100 and I can route/vector you from there as you wish, if you know the any routes for EGSS please let me know which one you are following and I will try my best to follow that route.